October 10, 2020
October 10, 2020




“There are so many unique and valid voices across the organization,”

Bryan Johnson shares. “Being able to hear their wants and priorities, and figuring out the Rubix cube of how this works, has been one of the biggest lessons.”

In his first year as Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation, stepping into the role after serving as Project Manager, Bryan’s scope of work has expanded to include developing Metropolitan’s Strategic Plan and Racial Equity & Inclusion initiatives, as well as overseeing the alignment and strategic direction of our Behavioral Health, Domestic Violence, and Workforce Development programs.


Bryan sees his role as finding ways to learn from challenges and drive Metropolitan’s growth. “We’re thinking about these complex social issues that present as barriers to clients,” he shares. “In developing models that serve and operationalize what we hope to do, what are the barriers that exist for staff?”

What does sustainable program growth look like? “It’s addressing the whole spectrum of needs,” Bryan shares. His team develops overarching service models – “so that it’s all made from the same dough” – while each site adapts those services to meet the unique needs of their community. It’s “finding partners who hold our values,” who believe like we do that our center point is the betterment of those we jointly serve. It’s developing a Strategic Plan that prioritizes adaptability, empowers staff to grow and engage, and harnesses data to drive change.


It’s all a learning process. “There’s no wrong conversation around how we serve clients and how we want to be in the workplace,” Bryan says. “There’s a space in the conversation for everyone.”